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Society as a whole needs to make a stand, ensuring that perpetrators know their behavior will be challenged and that those experiencing abuse and violence have access to the help and support they need.Join us in pledging your support to help end violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence.You can access support through our direct email service: [email protected] Talk to someone confidentially using the Live Fear Free live chat service Live chat is available every day from 9am to 9pm.We can support you in Welsh, English and any other languages using Language Line.We can also provide support through our online technical content, publications and web tools.This includes: We've worked successfully with almost all of Wales' local authorities, Health Boards, universities and colleges, and government and its agencies.The first volume, published in 1801, attempted to collect all Welsh poetry prior to 1370, with the exception of the work of Dafydd ap Gwilym, which had already been published.Volume two, also published in 1801, contained the Welsh Triads, the chronicles (versions of the Brut y Brenhinedd and Brut y Tywysogion) and other prose documents of a historical nature.

Forced Marriage is one form of Honour based violence (HBV).

This experience has enabled us to create a collection of approaches to help organisations identify, prioritise, plan and implement energy and cost-saving projects.

Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of the Welsh public sector, working with our clients to accelerate the implementation of resource efficiency programmes, maximising benefits and minimising risk. Through the REW Service, Carbon Trust and Wrap Cymru, we can provide free support to assist public bodies in Wales to identify opportunities for resource efficiency and renewable energy measures and support organisations as they move towards implementation.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us by using the mini-com system 01656 656 980 or by using the emergency SMS service, texting the recipient as ‘999’.

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Please note that to use this service you must pre-register either online at The 101 non-emergency number should be used to report non-urgent crime and for general inquiries.The majority of its material is genuine, although it does contain some of Iolo's forgeries, including the "third series" of Triads and two chronicles, the Brut Aberpergwm and the Brut Ieuan Brechfa, in volume two, and the Doethineb y Cymry ("wisdom of the Welsh") in volume three.