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On the other hand, if you send the right signals from the start, a short message will leave reviewers and readers wanting more. Every cover letter writer in the world claims to be hard working, reliable, dedicated, innovative, a great leader who loves following orders, an obedient drone who thinks outside the box, etc., etc.But because these terms apply to everyone in the world, they tell your reader absolutely nothing about you.Let me breakdown what a resume really is: Seriously people, when reading that line isn’t dating just like job hunting?You go through a series of applicants and screening (the casual outings, dates etc.), and ultimately weed out the weaker in hopes of finding a suitable person for the “job”.In honor of all of our readers who are recent graduates looking for their first job, and to those who are looking for a new gig, we offer these seven free resume templates as our way of making your job search a little easier. Professionally, our resumes are often the first impression a potential employer gets of us. It will come out during the interview or worse yet on the job.In the same way that it's important to your chances of landing the job to be well-groomed and dressed like you're serious, so should your resume. It takes a lot of time to get spacing and formatting right, and that's time better served focusing on the content, getting in touch with your network, and contacting employers. Some may disagree with me, but I would advise against listing your high school under education.In addition to my observational studies of human romantic relationships, I have dedicated a substantial amount of my research to experimentation.

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Inspired by some beautiful examples I found across the web, these templates should help you get started no matter what your industry. Highlight impressive or do-well extracurricular activities if need be.For example, if you're an engineer, an employer may be most interested in work history or where you went to school. Note: Initially I was hoping to release these as Google Docs, but I ran into formatting issues when I tried to import them in Google Docs.If you're in the film industry they want to know what skills you have and what you've done, while your school history won't be nearly as important. This paper is different than the standard printer type and will make your copy stand out over others. So be aware that they may not open properly if you don't open them in Word.Show some courage and describe yourself using words that apply to you, and only you. Nothing makes a reader glaze over like this phrase: “I’m very humorous and I love to laugh and make jokes.” Or this one: “I have strong communication and skills and can writing well.” Funny people say funny things. Retail experts have passion for retail that shows through in everything they do.

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Great communicators write in a clever way that makes their readers feel inspired to act. If you love what you’re doing at any given moment, this will show through in how well you do it.Since I’ve tried figuring out where I’ve been going wrong with the types of men who FIND ME, I’ve been asked from feedback from family and friends and scanned a couple of dating blogs and forums. A relationship is such a major life changing decision, so similar to trying to find that dream job.

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