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31-Jul-2017 17:03

When I play the file afterwards, the audio and video are out of step.

The sound starts arriving about a second after it should do and gets increasingly delayed. Whilst I am making the recording, I can see the video that is being captured being displayed on the laptop monitor.

It also allows you to record the webcam stream to the main video (Picture-in-Picture, Video-in-Video).

Bandicam offers the best Webcam Recording experience. If you can't capture the screen through a capture device, please install a suitable device driver and select another video size at the 'Format' menu. If you have a USB capture device, please plug the device into a USB 3.0 slot. If you have a problem with the 'Device Recording' mode of Bandicam, please leave a message on the Bandicam forum or email us at [email protected]

But, if you want quickly record any application’s window without any third-party software, you can do it on Windows 10.

This relies on the Game DVR feature, which is designed for capturing PC gameplay—but which can capture any application’s window.

Technically it was just designed for capturing gameplay, and other software does a much better job—but it’ll work in a pinch if you need it.

Just add Many Cam as your video source for any app!

Screencast your desktop Record your desktop and save the video to your hard drive.

The webcam stream will be recorded and merged within the main video.

Bandicam can record webcam videos and save them as video files (AVI, MP4).I can actually get lip synch if I s-p-e-a-k l-i-k-e t-h-i-s. When I watch the video afterwards, the soun Id is delayed by about a second.

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