Gong li dating history

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Macau's status as an outpost of European settlement and commerce in China and its air of isolation gave it a special historical identity.

Its population, while politically dominated by the Portuguese and their descendants, was always marked by an admixture of groups and by a steady influx of Chinese migrants.

Since the early nineteenth century the majority of the population was Chinese.

Macau was located on the old "silk route" and emerged as a major entrepôt (intermediary) trading center in Southeast Asia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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Education: Studied acting at the Central Academy of Drama.

Career: 1988--discovered by Zhang Yimou while an acting student, and cast in her screen debut, Red Sorghum; 1989--remained at the Central Academy of Drama as a teacher after graduation.

This has given rise to a unique and hybrid urban culture, which gives the city an air of romance and nostalgia.

Gong Li is currently the most accomplished Chinese star in the international film circle.

In 1987 she cooperated with director Zhang Yimou and starred the film “Red Sorghum”.

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The story happens during China’s civil war period and a series political campaigns after the founding of the New China.