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But she made no secret of her admiration for Higginson, saying: ‘Huw is lovely in real life.When there’s only two of you (on stage), you have to absolutely trust each other …The UK is considered a world leader in palliative and end of life care provision and research, and has influenced end of life care around the world.2 However, in the UK and all the more advanced countries, there is evidence of shortfalls, highlighting the challenges facing all countries.3 Palliative care is a high priority for the UK National Health Service (NHS) and many other countries; several national guidelines4 have been developed over recent years.A review of end of life care in the UK5 expressed serious concerns about a lack of research in this field and underuse of existing research.

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Miss Waterman, who had dramatically lost two-and-a-half stone as part of a fitness regime which featured in a DVD, was still married at the time to her former East Enders co-star Ricky Groves.

Miss Waterman, who played downtrodden Laura Beale in East Enders, met Higginson ten years ago when he made a brief appearance in the soap as her landlord.

He had previously played lovable buffoon PC George Garfield in the ITV police drama.

And it does present reviewers with a problem as it would seem foolhardy and unwise to dispute with these eminences.

Nevertheless, rushing in here, I found to be a great disappointment.

The next day, Mo hits the high seas to learn how to pull lobster traps up from the briny deep from seasoned lobstermen.