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01-Aug-2017 21:14

American actor Scott Colomby as a youth was the dream boy of every girl.

There's no denial of the fact that Colomby was irresistible.

Not only has she kept the weight off, but her zest for exercise has led her to set increasingly challenging fitness goals.

Note to readers: the Van Halen page on Wikipedia is closed to editing for new users until the beginning of 2008.By Brian Steinberg "Spicy" and "stewed” aren't two words that come to mind when one thinks of Valerie Bertinelli, but the terms might be applied more readily as the actress gets to work in the kitchen. By Brian Steinberg Scripps Networks International’s flagship Food Network will unveil 20 new series across primetime and daytime in the months to come, enlisting Valerie Bertinelli for a new daytime series and…